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A New Start-Up!  Watch this space.
The Stoneham Group is working with select organizations to leverage new media and technologies to meet clear business objectives.  Working from the clear statement of purpose, we help develop and implement strategies to pragmatically improve the organization's performance.  Whether it is a small business, an NGO, or a government organization, there are opportunities.

At the Stoneham Group, we are currently focused on three areas - all addressing innovation in an era of new disruptive technologies.  The intersection of technological change, societal change, and business change is where the Stoneham Group sees opportunities for the private sector, NGO's and government.

The development of a workforce that understands the technologies, the business principles of risk management, and demands innovation, is crucial to the economic future of your company, NGO or government organization.  The Stoneham Group is currently working with college and university graduate level programs in the areas of Information Technology,  Communications, and International Affairs.  

We have limited additional capacity  to serve as guest speakers and lecturers but are happy to discuss opportunities.
Yes, we eat our own dog food.  Stay tuned.
We're happy to discuss the Clearview Initiative and opportunities - just use the Request Information box and shoot us a line.