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William (Bill)  May, CEO
Thirty years driving competitive business innovation in government, NGO and private sectors. Experience in successfully adopting emerging and new technologies, that provide a competitive advantage for organizations in international and domestic markets. Co-chaired committees on emerging technologies and on organizational performance and metrics at the National Academy of Sciences.
Our cadre of 20-30-40-50+ year old collaborators
This is the fluid workforce of the future. These are the innovators, that want to work on challenging projects that make a difference.  They don't work long term for a single company anymore. A game changer, and we are agile.
About Stoneham Group
The Stoneham Group is a small company focused on working with businesses, NGO's and the US government to help them take advantage of changes and opportunities that exist because of new technologies, media, and corresponding social changes.  Giving back to the educational community is critical because that is the feeder system for agility and innovation - and both The Stoneham Group and our collaborators will benefit.

We focus on having the right collaborators for a particular initiative or project, not about having a large personnel stable.  The fluid workforce works to our advantage - it is always about the project.
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Business is changing, rapidly.  Are you agile and innovative enough to take advantage of the change in your business?